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The Barn @ Alfold

Restaurant and Bar

Tel: 01403 752288
Voted one of the top 35 Gastropubs in the country by Wine & Spirit Magazine.

    The Alfold Barn was built in 1590 and has many connections with the local area and Canadian Air Force during the World War II. It was a tea rooms in the 1940's and was a regular haunt of many airmen. It used to be known as 'Gibbs Hatch', and became the Barn in the 1970's. The Beams are all original, and are thought to date back to the Armada. There was a suggestion that Ernest Hemmingway visited the barn during the War and shared stories with Richard Dimbleby.
    Things have moved on and the Barn has been under the watchful eyes of the Maguire family since 2000. Fran, our chef takes great pride in all our food and will only use the freshest ingredients. Where possible we aim to use locally sourced produce. Our cheese is produced by the Harrison family approximately 800 meters from us,
one of the foremost dairy farms in Europe.

    Fish is a major part of our daily changing menu, Lobsters and Crabs being especially popular with the finer weather. (Dave doesn't stop cooking them during July and August) We take regular visits to Billingsgate Fish Market, so within reason most types of fish are not a problem to obtain given the right notice. Our fruit & vegetables come from Rawnsleys Greengrocer in Guildford, only 9 miles away. They are as keen as we are to source seasonal local produce.
Meat, from John Murray in Loxwood (voted the best butcher in Sussex), also accounts for a large chunk of our menu, be it our famous slow roasted shank of Lamb, our new 14 hour slow cooked Beef (which is amazing), or our succulent Fillet Steak or Steak and Kidney Pies (not for the faint hearted). Don't worry if you are vegetarian, give us an idea of what you like when you book and Fran will do her best to make it for you.
    You won't be disappointed when it comes to dessert, they are all made by Carolyn  (a chocoholic in her own right) and Dave. From rich chocolate torte to bread and butter pudding to Eton Mess, you will be glad you left a little room.

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